“Talk of the Island” radio program (support)

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Formal Project Description
Contract Title Biblio.For.Meda - Identification of a training and organisational model aimed at supporting the valorisation of librarians as facilitators for lifelong learning
Lead Partner IAL Nazionale, Italy
Agreement n° 2003 I/03/B/F/PP-154193
Partners Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute
The Management Centre
Countries of the action Cyprus
Grant $3,429, to pay for the services of Panos Michael and Radio Pyrgos
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Website http://
About Project [[]]
Overall objective(s)
The aim of the project is to compare and analyse best practice in the public library systems of the participating countries in order to develop an organisational and training model, which will promote the role of the librarian in the facilitation of lifelong Learning.

Expected Results
  • Gathered documentary evidence of the role of public libraries in lifelong learning;
  • Undertook a survey of libraries showing best practice in the development of lifelong learning services;
  • Identified different organisational approaches, training methods, strategies and practices in the participating countries;
  • Analysed the organisational and training needs that need to be addressed if libraries are to play a key role in lifelong learning;
  • Developed training and organisational models which could transform public libraries into key agents of the lifelong learning agenda.



HasNa Inc. 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 410 Washington, DC 20037

        (hereafter “HasNa”)


Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute 5 Promitheos Street, Office 3 1065 Nicosia, CYPRUS (hereafter “CNTI”)


Project Title: “Talk of the Island” radio program (support) Project Dates: April 30, 2007 to December 31, 2007

WHEREAS, HasNa, founded as a nonprofit, charitable organization in Washington, D.C. in 1998, has a mission to break cycles of conflict and to reduce tensions between diverse groups of people who are separated culturally, ethnically or economically. HasNa brings people together through programs that combine work-related education with structured training in conflict resolution.

WHEREAS, CNTI, founded as a nongovernmental, non-profit organization in Nicosia in 1992, has a mission of promoting social progress and science in Cyprus.

WHEREAS, each of the parties hereto have concluded on a mutual effort to be advantageous to achieve their common goals and objectives for promoting peace and reconciliation in Cyprus, and to offer the optimum combination of capabilities to enhance the likelihood of achieving the results and impacts desired at scale. The parties have agreed to cooperatively support the bi-communal radio program called “Talk of the Island”.

NOW, THEREFORE, for the consideration set forth herein, the Parties to this understanding hereby agree to the following terms and conditions.

Article 1. Scope of Parties’ Understanding

The Parties have agreed to collaborate to promote peace and reconciliation in Cyprus through continuing the development of the first radio program that is broadcast on both sides of the island in both languages, with aims to reach the entire Cypriot community. The content and goals of the program are even more significant, with aspirations of building cross-cultural trust and understanding through open dialogue. This MOU covers activities that will take place in Cyprus.

The attached document will serve as the overall framework describing the goals, objectives, scope and nature of these projects.

Article 2. Personnel and Responsibilities

CNTI will be represented by Dr. Yiannis Laouris, president. HasNa will be represented by Nevzer Stacey, president.

1. The parties agree to collaborate to continue and develop the Talk of the Island radio show. Dr. Laouris will be responsible for management of Radio Pyrgos and Panos Michael, the technical support expert.

2. The project director will notify HasNa about the allocation of time of technical support expert or any other changes.

3. The Parties agree to collaborate in identifying potential co-funders and submitting proposals to gain additional funding for the “Talk of the Island” radio program.

4. A report will be due to HasNa by December 31, 2007. This report will include detailed information on how the funds were spent as well as future plans for the radio show. The Parties agree that regular and timely communications (in the form of emails and telephone conversations) will be critical to the success of the project.

Article 3: Financial Arrangements

1. CNTI will make appropriate and transparent banking, accounting and financial management arrangements to ensure effective, efficient and responsible use of all project funds.

2. HasNa will make two disbursements of funds totaling $3,429, to pay for the services of Panos Michael and Radio Pyrgos. The first will be in April 2007, and the second in August 2007. CNTI will provide HasNa with a financial report due in July 2007, and December 31, 2007. The second disbursement will be contingent upon the timely receipt and review of the report.

3. Funds shall be spent in general accordance with the approved budget, and all project expenditures shall be accounted for in a final report submitted to HasNa.

4. The method of payment will be either by electronic bank transfer of funds or in the form of a HasNa company check to CNTI.

5. Copies of receipts, payroll records, and other documentation for all project-related expenses must be sent to HasNa by December 31st , 2007.

Article 4: Contact Information

In implementing this MOU, all Parties shall appoint appropriate individuals as responsible for matters affecting the terms of this MOU. HasNa CNTI Nevzer Stacey President Yiannis Laouris President Telephone: 001-202-478-1034 Telephone: 357-228-73820 Fax: 001-202-223-1380 Fax: 357-228-73821 Email: nevzer@hasna.org Email: laouris@tech4peace.org

Article 5. Signatories

1. After reviewing the above, the Parties agree to all terms and conditions contained herein, and agree to execute this Memorandum of Understanding by the signatures of their duly authorized representatives. 2. Any changes in the terms of this agreement, or the effective dates, will only be effective if mutually agreed in writing by both Parties. The Signatories designated below, or their successors, are the only individuals authorized to enact such changes to this agreement.

Signatures: Date:

________________________________ ___________________________ Nevzer Stacey, President, HasNa Inc.

___________________________________ ______________________________ Yiannis Laouris, President, CNTI