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CYberSafety II, continues the successful work of the Cyprus Safer Internet Centre, bringing together major stakeholders, so as to promote a safe internet culture and empower creative, innovative and critical citizens in the digital society. The work is supported by an awareness platform, where actors can find resources and tools, share experiences, expertise and good practices; the provision of educational programmes, actively engaging children and young people, teachers and parents; the operation of a Helpline service, ensuring that all actors get advice and support by trained supporters in real time on the use of online technologies; the operation of a Hotline service, ensuring that all actors can report illegal content or actions related to illegal child sexual abuse material; the development of tools to support new priorities at European and national level, such as data protection and tackling online misinformation. At the same time, CYberSafety aims to contribute towards a European approach and provide qualitative and quantitative feedback at European level, through the core service platform.

Formal Project Description
CYberSafety II
Contract Title CYberSafety II
Project Acronym CYberSafety
Lead Partner Cyprus Pedagogical Institute
Call/Action CEF-TC-2018-1 - Safer Internet
Link to the Call
Agreement n° INEA/CEF/ICT/A2018/1614254
Partners Digital Security Authority,
Pancyprian School for Parents,
University of Cyprus,
Cyprus University of Technology,
Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute,
Cyprus Telecommunications Authority,
MTN Cyprus Ltd
Countries of the action Cyprus
Cost of Action €1,138,664
Grant €569,332
Cost for FWC €66,008
Grant for FWC €33,004
Dates 01/01/2019 - 31/01/2020


Specific objective(s)

The project aims at providing:

  • An online awareness centre for raising awareness among children, parents and teachers and other professionals working with children about risks they may encounter via online related activities and empower them to deal with these risks, building on digital repositories, from which specific awareness toolkits and services will be adapted and deployed, in cooperation with third parties (schools, industry). In this context, three tools will be developed to be used as prevention against personal data exploitation, inappropriate content and use;
  • Helpline services (CYberSafety Helpline 1480) that provide support services for young people and their parents encountering harmful contact (grooming) , conduct (cyberbullying) and web content by one-to-one conversations via telephone, email and online chat services with trained counsellors on online related issues, drawing up operating guidelines and providing qualitative and quantitative feedback at European level;
  • A Hotline (CYberSafety Hotline 1480) for receiving and managing reports and data on online illegal child sexual abuse and cooperating with other stakeholders such as police, hosters, legal actors, network of hotlines and Internet service providers and EU core service platform.