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[[Category:Cyberethics School Presentations]]
[[Category:Cyberethics School Presentations]]
[[Category:Telsim-Cyberethics Events]]

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Project Cyberethics
Person in charge Cyberethics Consortium
Type of participants Students
Number of participants >600 (50-60 students/week over 12 weeks)
Total Duration Two months

A two month event was planned and executed in the Northern part of Cyprus, to promote Safer Internet to Turkish/Cypriot Students. The events were organized by the CyberEthics partner Olive Branch and Telsim-Vodafone (one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the Northern part of Cyprus). The events were launched on the first Tuesday of June 2011 and lasted until the last Tuesday of August taking place every Tuesday of each week. In each event, 50-60 students attended every week. Three presentations were offered to them on internet safety and how to protect themselves online and each child was given the translated fairytales.