Cyberethics Helpline Training Jan-Apr 2011

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Safer Internet Helpline Training Jan-Apr 2011
Safer Internet Helpline Training Jan-Apr 2011
Project Cyprus Safer Internet Helpline
Place CNTI Premises, Nicosia, Cyprus
Date(s) January 2012 - March 2012
Person in charge Iliada Spyrou
Type of participants Psychologists
Other experts
Number of participants 17
Total Duration xx hrs

The Cyberethics Helpline of the Cyberethics: Cyprus Safer Internet Center organizes every year Safer Internet Helpline Trainings. These trainings aim to educate interested experts with diverse backgrounds in order to be able to provide services for the [[Cyberethics Helpline. These trainings are also organized for existing Helpline Operators. Through these trainings, participants learn about the services that exist in Cyprus, like the Cyberethics Helpline, the Cyberethics Hotline and the Cyprus Cybercrime Unit of the Police. Moreover, participants learn about online dangers, protection advices, how to deal with young children in relation to online dangers and also the laws that exist in Cyprus. The trainings combine theory with practical exercises.