Cyberethics at English school 07/02/2011

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On 07 February 2011 a visit was made to the English School by the Cyberethics team. Georgina Siitta-Achilleos and Yiannis Laouris made the presentations. There Cyberethics team has given a presentation to the 4-6th classes of English private school about the project and the SID events.The event included 150 students and 6 teachers. This activity took place in the context of Cyberethics GIII. Promotional materials were also distributed to both the students and the teachers.

Presentation at English School II
Presentation at English School II
Project Cyberethics
Place English School
Date(s) 07/02/2011
Type of participants Students and teachers
Number of participants 150 students and 6 teachers
Link(s) Cyberethics, CyberEthics GIII: Island-wide combined Safer Internet Awareness Node, Hotline, Helpline