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Network Name International Association of Internet Hotlines
Number of Members 51 Hotlines
Member Since 2007

INHOPE is an active and collaborative network of 51 hotlines in 45 countries worldwide, dealing with illegal content online and committed to stamping out child sexual abuse from the Internet.

The vision of this project


The project concentrated on:

  • Increasing Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot coaches’ and Peace Players International (PPI) team members’ skills through Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
  • Increasing dialogue among Cypriot youth during mono- and bi-communal activities through sports
  • Emphasizing team spirit and relationship building through interaction
  • Empowering youth to visualize a future Cyprus with Structured Dialogic Design Process.

Target Groups

  • The project aimed to reach the Turkish Cypriot and the Greek Cypriot youth aged 10-15 both from urban and rural settings (approximately 300 youngsters have been reached; the project also aimed to encourage girls’ participation)
  • PeacePlayers International Basketball team members and coaches
  • Cypriot Civil Society
  • Media


In celebrating the EU’s Year of Intercultural Dialogue, the Action has held the following activities:

  • Train the trainer: 3-4 sustainable workshops of NVC involving facilitation and envisioning for PPI team coaches island-wide
  • Train the youth: PPI team coaches return to their communities and deliver training to youth in a mono- and bi-communal setting. *Cypriot youth paints their future Cyprus on a canvass together; youth’s paintings have been displayed in the Buffer Zone
  • Dialogue Night: one basketball finale and video production by the bi-communal television show “Biz/Emeis” highlighting the project for their show on the “Dialogue Night”
  • An interview featuring the representatives from the partner organizations on the bi-communal radio show “Talk of the Island”
  • Disseminating the video and a ‘pod cast’ of the interview for the project members’ and Anna Lindh Foundation’s websites.

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