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Kerstin Wittig
Kerstin Wittig
With FWC October 2005 - March 2012
Title Head of Global Education Unit
Board member
Key Project(s) Multicultural Cyprus
Accessing Development Education
Youth Ambassadors for Millennium Development Goals
Degree(s) M.A. (Magister Artium)
Filed(s) of study International Relations/Peace and Conflict Studies (major)
Educational Science (minor)
Islamic Science (minor)
Social and Cultural Anthropology (minor)
University(ies) Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Germany
Specialization(s) Project Management
SDD Facilitation
Grant writing
Notable Achievements to be..

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Kerstin Wittig' serves as Member of the Board since 2007 and as and Secretary until March 2012. She headed the Global Education Unit until March 2012. She was the Coordinator for Accessing Development Education and for the TeachMDGs project until March 2012.

Kerstin has been with the FWC since 2005 when she joined as an intern. In 2004, as part of her MA degree in international relations/ peace and conflict studies, she conducted a three-month fieldtrip in Cyprus to research bi-communal peace initiatives. Until 2008, she was involved in developing new projects, participating in European meetings and trainings to establish new partnerships, and leading and supervising the preparation of project proposals. Between 2007 and 2008, she coordinated the UNDP-funded project Multicultural Cyprus and the Youth Ambassadors for Millennium Development Goals projects. Since then, Kerstin envisioned, designed, secured funding, and supervised the implementation of many projects including some large-scale such as Act Beyond Borders and Map Your Meal.

Short Bio

Kerstin completed her M.A. (Magister Artium) in International Relations/Peace and Conflict Studies (major); Educational Science (minor); Islamic Science (minor); Social and Cultural Anthropology (minor) in 2005 at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Germany. During her studies she supported herself offering German language classes to primary school students of non-German native language with the Hermann Kurz Schule in Reutlingen, Germany, as well as working as Research Assistant at the University of Tübingen, Institute of Educational Science, Department of School-Pedagogy. Her work involved the development of questionnaires evaluating the effect of foreign language education and of social background on the language competencies of children with migration background; drafting of preliminary report. She has also accumulated experience working as Group Leader of a children’s group of NABU e.V. (a German Environmental Organisation); organizing weekly activities of the group, publicity in local primary schools; representing the group in the monthly assemblies of the organization.

Role in the Cyprus NGDs Platform

Kerstin represents the FWC in the Cyprus NGO Platform "Development" and she is also the elected Secretary for the Platform. From this position, Kerstin plays an important role in strategizing and planning for activities which will take place during the Cyprus Presidency.

Trained Facilitator

Kerstin is a Facilitator trained in many methodologies and processes. She has conducted co-Laboratories using the Structured Democratic Dialogue Process in many projects including Multicultural Cyprus, Accessing Development Education, and the TeachMDGs projects.

Kerstin's key projects

The successful outcome of the application and implementation of the Accessing Development Education project was an important milestone in Kerstin's career. This project, being central within the large population of Development Education related projects, has established the pioneer role of FWC across Europe. Its successor project, TeachMDGs now engages Ministries of Education across Europe in applying curricula developed by the Consortium.


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