MediaMDGs team on CyBC - World Day for Social Justice

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MediaMDGs team on CyBC
MediaMDGs team on CyBC
Project MediaMDGs
Media Name CyBC
Interviewee(s) Nicolina Markidou,Ivan Charalambous, Maria Papoula
Date(s) 20/02/2012
Audience CyBC TV audience

On 20th February 2012, the coordinator of MDGs- Media for Development Goals project Nicolina Markidou was hosted at CyBC1 breakfast show ‘Kali sas mera’ along with a group of the students who took part in the project MDGs- Media for Development Goals,-Pandora Papachristodoulou, Kleitos Turk and Marios Koliandris-, the media trainer Ivan Charalambous,and one of teachers-namely Maria Papoula-, who has acted as a supervisor of the media program at Olympion High School.
Drawing on the importance of the World Day for Social Justice which is celebrated worldwide on 20th February, the students shared their thoughts about the videos that they created as part of the project, elaborated on the messages that they would like to get through, and further promoted their work which focused on the issues of Gender Equality and Migration with a clear reference to Social Justice.
The coordinator Nicolina Markidou talked about the aims of the program, explained how the students actually worked, and invited people to visit the website and watch all 10 student videos. The media trainer Ivan Charalambous emphasized on how the media program helped students develop critical thinking skills. The teacher, Maria Papoula talked about the positive impact that the screening of those videos had on other students at her school, and elaborated on the making of the film ‘In the name of the father’ which won the online competition that took place as part of the same project.
During the show, some of the students’ videos were broadcasted, and reached a large audience.