SID 2012 Fair - MyMall Limassol

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SID 2012 Fair - MyMall Limassol
SID 2012 Fair - MyMall Limassol
Project Cyberethics
Place MyMall,Limassol
Date(s) 07/02/2012
Person in charge Cyberethics Consortium
Type of participants General public

On the 7th of February 2012, an awareness raising event at MYMALL Limassol was organised in the context of the Cyberethics project. All of the consortium including the Advisory board members participated in this entertaining yet informative event. Large TV screens displayed videos on how to make reports to the Safer Internet Hotline and how to request help from the Cyprus Safer Internet Helpline as well as TV spots related to Safer Internet. Promotional materials were given away to the public who visited the mall. Children from a primary school in Limassol participated actively in the event. The event was broadcasted live by the CyBC national radio station.