The Multimedia Factory

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The Multimedia Factory
The Multimedia Factory
Funding Period 1992-1997
Website Website

'The Multimedia Factory was the first multimedia company in Cyprus launched in 1992.

It was founded as a subsidiary of MIDnTED Ltd. with Yiannis Laouris, George Vakanas and Maria Symeonides also as shareholders. TMF was serving also CYBER KIDS as a technology group working with kids ages 8-12 to develop their projects into final commercial products.

Pioneer in professional Multimedia

Product Period
Animations for Institute of Technology 1993
Multimedia package for Electric Authority 1994
Educational Multimedia Game for Electric Authority 1997
Occupied Cyprus; 6-language Multimedia Information System (at airports and museums) 1997-1998
Hotel Information System "HISystem" 1994

Educational Software development

Name Period
Quick Story Gold 1996-98
Draw & Paint 1996-98
Kids' Paint 1996-98
Animals 1996-98
Esops Fables 1996-98
Fairy Tales 1996-98
1821 Heros 1996-98

Educational Software development: “Factories for Research Projects”

Product Period
CD Factory 2002
Calculator Factory 2002
Browser Factory 2002
Emailer Factory 2002
Fairy Tales Factory 2002

The Founders

The Multimedia Factory in the Media

The Multimedia Factory enjoyed substantial visibility from many media.

Related Publications

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