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I live and work in Toronto, as an associate professor at OCAD University, where I’m dedicated to the MDes Strategic Foresight and Innovation program. I teach innovation research and systems/systemic design courses and guide research in the Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab). The sLab builds upon the graduate teaching and research, with a 5 year track record in developing advanced practices in foresight and systemic design for socially-responsive innovation. My research agenda includes:

healthcare system/service design systemic design theory, method, and disciplinary foundations strongly sustainable business models and the flourishing society innovations in learning media and scholarly publishing dialogic design and collaborative foresight process.

I founded Redesign Network in 2001, as an innovation research / information service design firm with a network of associates in the US and Toronto. Redesign specializes in professional practice and high-tech sectors, designing for clinical informatics, medical and higher education, and other complex work systems. I also am managing partner of a US boutique firm, Dialogic Design International, which convenes SDD / workshops and research for polycentric governance and organizational transformation.

As a board member of the Institute for 21st Century Agoras I’m honored to work with a worldwide practice network to advance the dialogic design practice and theory, for inclusive, multi-stakeholder participation in solution creation for wicked problems in global and civil society.