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Membership in Associations

Membership in Professional Societies and Associations

Organization Years
Cypriot Students Association, President '78, GDR 1981-83
Pre-registration Doctors’ Association, President, '86, Limassol, Cyprus 1985-86
Physiology Seminar Committee, UA 1988-89
Co-Coordinator, "PSIO 818: Neurophysiology for Neurologists", UA 1988-89


German Physiological Society 1988-1992
International Society of Biomechanics 1989
Society for Neuroscience 1990-1994


American Physiological Society 1990-1995
Cyprus Designers and Inventors Association, Secretary '94), Cyprus 1992-93
Cyprus Neuroscience Association, Appointed President, '91, Cyprus 1991-96
Cyprus MacUsers Group, Founding Member and President, '92, Cyprus 1991-94
Cyprus Society of Medical Informatics, Cyprus 1997-2005
Peace Center, Cyprus 1994-present
Center for Systemic Studies, Founding Member, Cyprus 1994-96
Technology For Peace, Founding Member and Project Leader 1997-present
IDA: International Dyslexia Association 2002-present
ISSS: International Society for the Systems Sciences 2003-present
ISTE: International Society Technology in Education 1993-1997


IADIS: International Association for Development of the Information Society 2005-present
EARLI: European association for Research on Learning & Instruction 2005-present
AERA: American Educational Research Association 2006-present
HSSS: Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies 2008-present
American Society for Cybernetics 2014-present

Membership in Bi-communal Peace Initiatives in Cyprus

Group Years
Executive Committee of the Westminster Group 1995-2000
Member of the Core Trainers Group 1994-1997
Member and Facilitator of the Young Business Leaders Bicommunal Group 1997-1999
Facilitator of the Technology for Peace Group (Greek Cypriot Side) 1997-2003
Facilitator for the Bicommunal Investment Company Group 1997-2000
Member of the Secretariat of the Coordinating Initiative 1998-2000
Member of the Communication Initiative 1998-2000
Facilitator of the Y2P (Youth Promoting Peace) Group 1999-2003
Founding Member and Board Member of Cyprus Community Media Centre 2010-present
Founding member of CINDEP 2010