AER-V-Recommendations for international project managers competences recognition and validation for lifelong learning

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AER-V-Recommendations for International project managers competences recognition and validation for lifelong learning
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Contract Number 2019-1-PL01-KA204-065677
Funding Period ...
Funding Agency Fundacja Alternatywnych Inicjatyw Edukacyjnych
Total Cost ...


The overall aim is to support recognition and validation of knowledge, skills and competences of international project managers active in Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the adult education sector, acquired through formal, non-formal and informal learning.


The direct target groupe of the project includes the members, workers, co-workers, educators and volunteers of the Third Sector adult education organisation (I.E.Civil Society Organisations, including informal groups, Non-governmental organisations and other non-profit organisation). The indirect target group include wide range of education-related organisation, institution and decision makers. The dissemination activities would reach, in total, at least 44.830 recipients.


Project partners are six 3rd sector, civil society organisations, working in the field of lifelong learning, adult education from Poland, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Portugal and Cyprus. Even though all the organisations involved are 3rd sector and working in the field of lifelong learning, they have various profiles and experience – which makes the Partnership composition somehow representative for the adult liberal education sector in Europe.


The design of the work programme is chronological, divided into 3 main phases. Project activities are divided into 13 Work Packages, including transversal activities of management, evaluation and dissemination. There are 6 Transnational Project Meetings (TPM) planned : 1 introductory meeting (KICK-Off meeting), one summary meeting (aiming at establishing Exit Strategy for the project) and 4 workings meetings aiming at exchange of good practices. The work flow during the 4 workings meetings follows logical, subsequent steps of the process of competences recognition and validation. There is also one International Training Event (short-term joint staff training event) planned, based on experiential learning. The work programme also includes one start-up package (WP01), short desk-research package (WP03) and concluding package (WP10) finalized in delivering final recommendations for future works of the Partnership and the International Support Networks supporting first-time international project realisers development.


The results of the project will be tangible and intangible (material and immaterial). The direct tangible results will be reached during the work packages, while the intangible will be illustrated in the field of increased of knowledge, skills and awareness, change of attitudes etc. The indirect, third level of results are those long-term ones, clearly connected with the varied project impact. The direct intangible results will be seen both on individual and organizational levels, referring to change of attitudes and values related to international cooperation realizing, introducing innovations, professionalization of the adult education staff, and developing long-term development strategies of the 3rd sector adult learning organisations.


There are two project results that will be especially sustained after the project ends: 1) The Recommendations for building a new competence recognition and validation system; 2) The developed International Support Network supporting first-time international project realisers. The project proposed is an element of a long-term strategic plan of the project core Partners, aiming at delivering sustainable support for international cooperation of the adult learning sector CSOs. Outcomes of this initiative will deliver a good ground for developing the new competence recognition and validation system in the field of international cooperation of adult learning CSOs, which will be outlined in the Exit Strategy concluding the project.

Related Workshops

During the period of the project were organized 3 workshops and an International debate.

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