Cyberbullying and Social Networking Sites Workshop for CyberEthics GIV

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Cyberbullying and Social Networking Sites
Cyberbullying and Social Networking Sites
Project Cyberethics
Place Nicosia Latsia Gymnasium
Date(s) 29/01/2013
Type of participants Children and Teechers
Number of participants 51 participants
Total Duration 2 hours


Mr Iliada Spyrou in collaboration with the Helpline Operators delivered a Workshop for children and teechers on Cyberbullying. The main goal of the activity is to enable children/teenagers to understand the severity of the cyberbullying issue, by allowing them to discuss within groups, brainstorm, and most importantly to promote empathy by placing them in the position of the victim, bully, bystander and/or upstander. The workshop delivered within within the context of CyberEthics GIV.