Development Centre of Information and Communication Technologies Savinja Žalec, Ltd – RC-IKTS

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Formation 2010
Purpose/focus Information and Communication Technologies
Location Slovenia

RC-IKTS (Development Centre of Information and Communication Technologies Savinja Žalec) was founded in 2010 by 11 consortium partners (8 SMEs, University of Maribor, Municipality Žalec, Regional Research Agency Savinja). In cooperation with group of domestic (University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor) and international scientific and research partners from Austria (University of Graz, Department of Psychology) and USA (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN) and with the support of EU, evaluated useful information technology solution 24alife that aims at detecting, monitoring and removing negative effects of stress, preventing psychosomatic disorders, providing valuable feedback and leading every day more than 10.000 end-users to a healthy way of life. Since 2012 we run a project with the Residental Care Home Nova Gorica, where our experts work with the seniors to make tailored workout program to prevent or maintain poor endurance, strength and certain psychological problems related to ageing, as depression, loneliness and anxiety. The exercises will be video recorded with instructions, suitable for older adults and individually adjusted. Seniors with physical disabilities and dementia can also perform the exercises. Guidelines are set by our Head of the research group A-LIFE, prof. Vojko Strojnik and are based on his professional experience and references from the field of kinesiology and work with older adults. The project has already shown positive effects, as participants reported improved well-being, and expert and nursing staff observed better motivation and satisfaction among participants.


Role: Responsible for Ergonomic Design of SENIOR-TV (Task 2.4); Training and Supervision of DUNG (Tasks 3.1-3.3); Contribution to Business Plan from the perspective of researcher in ICT for elder care (WP4). (WP4); Partner management and reporting (WP5).