Output 2.2: A YouTube™ best video clip competition held: Voting among the 50 Proposals for Action

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After the co-Laboratories, the participants were motivated to share all video clips uploaded on YouTubeTM either via our app or via social media to their friends. Then the best video clip competition was carried out. The voting was done by counting the number of likes per video through both the app and the webpage used to facilitate the video clips.

Concrete results / Monitoring: The most important expected result from the best video clip competition was to reach out to and engage as many youths as possible in an effective way using innovative social media. This can be measured by collecting numbers of “likes”, “comments” and “shares” of each of the video clip. These numbers can show the level of mobilization of the crowd and could be a proof that youth do not have really lost interest in politics but contrarily the current system of governance is blamed for that, since it does not let them be engaged as much as they want to.

Follow-up Actions: Every participant was asked to share the winning video clip with her/his friends via social media such as FacebookTM, TwitterTM etc., or invite their friends to download a related app. This was a major step toward mobilizing the public about worldwide challenges and somehow engaging them in political life. The winning clip was also published on FWC’s website and promoted in all follow-up advocacy initiatives.