Output 2.3: A promotional video clip promoting young people’s voice produced and shared globally in social and traditional media

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The FWC used selected clips from the co-Laboratory products and the “50 Proposals for Action towards designing ideal future systems of governance” video-clips (Output 2.1) and produced a professional video clip to widely promote key ideas and goals. The selection strategy took into account geographical spread, gender, ethnicity, video quality and of course clarity of messages. The final video product was produced after completion of all co-Labs by a Consultant and will be uploaded to all project-related social media as well as Future World’s websites and YouTube.

Concrete results / Monitoring: The public at large will have the opportunity to see and listen to ideas of young people, clearly formulated and stated in ways that can have an impact on youth participation and democratic governance. The number of times played plus the estimated viewers are good measures to monitor outreach.

Follow-up Actions: The link of the video product will be shared with our global networks and partner organizations and promoted also through social media.