Teachers review and adapt Oxfam Teaching Resources to promote Global Education in Cypriot Schools

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Teachers review and adapt Oxfam Teaching Resources
Teachers review and adapt Oxfam Teaching Resources
Project Accessing Development Education
Place Cyprus
Date(s) 16-17 June 2009
Total Duration 2 days
Link(s) http://www.developmenteducation.info/

Short Description

In the context of the Accessing Development Education project, Cypriot Elementary School and Secondary School teachers, together with Mrs Anne Kane from Oxfam Scotland and Future Worlds Center staff explored a variety of Oxfam Teaching Resources on Global Education and Global Citizenship. The aim of the 2-day workshop (16 and 17 June) was to become more familiar with Global Education activities for schools, to explore entry points for Global Education in the Cypriot school curriculum, and to select relevant resources to be translated to Greek. Oxfam has produced a large variety of teaching resources, activity packs and teachers’ guides, helping teachers to introduce a global approach into their classrooms. The Cypriot teachers selected several of the activities and activity packs to be translated, and began to link those to specific school subjects in Cyprus. Additionally, the project will translate and adapt two of the introductory guides for teachers, suggesting approaches and links to the local curriculum. The translated materials will be made available on the online depository and can also be obtained from Future Worlds Center. In addition to the translated Oxfam resources, the project is developing an introductory manual for teachers, serving as a first overview of Development Education/ Global Education and suggesting methods and activities for the classroom.