Workshop for Teachers at Cyprus Paedagogical Institute for CyberEthics GIV Project

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"Pyrines Program"- Workshop
"Pyrines Program"- Workshop
Project Cyberethics
Place Nicosia and Limassol
Date(s) 13/06/2012- 14/06/2013
Type of participants Teachers
Number of participants 40 participants
Total Duration 1h and 45 minutes


On the 13th and 14th of June 2012 the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute delivered a workshop on promoting internet safety CyberEthics GIV: Cyprus Safer Internet Center,Island-wide services for Safer Internet Awareness Node,Helpline and Hotline.


Teachers had the opportunity to get more educated on online opportunity and challenges through a workshop organized by CPI. Moreover, promotion of the Helpline and the Hotline was made.