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SDDP Youth! Envisage and design your ideal future!
SDDP Youth! Envisage and design your ideal future!
Report Title Youth envisage and design their ideal future (YiA 5.1)
Triggering Question "What are the failings of our current political system?"
Project Youth envisage and design their ideal future (YiA 5.1)
Author(s) Yiannis Laouris
Tonia Loizidou
Elia Petridou
Irini Anastassiou
Maria Georgiou
Total Duration 737 person hrs
Statistics Participants=25
Number of ideas=147
Number of Clusters=15
Ideas received Votes=52
Ideas on MAP R=17
Spreathink ST=33%
Situational Complexity SCI=6.13
Dates 18 July - 22 July 2012
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Executive Summary

This paper reports the results of the first of a series of workshops organized by Future Worlds Center under the auspices of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU. The dialogue was implemented in the context of the Youth envisage and design their ideal future (YiA 5.1) project. The purpose of this project was to capitalize on the benefits of the structured democratic dialogue process to examine the reasons that youth refuse to cooperate with modern world’s system. The workshop was organized using the structured dialogic design process (SDDP) approach within the context of a rich web-based communication environment. It is categorized as one of many organised under the running title Reinventing democracy.

The Triggering Question (TQ) was
Which are the disadvantages or obstacles of the current socio-political system that discourage youth participation?

In response to the TQ1, the 25 participants came up with 147 characteristics, which were categorized in 15 clusters. Following the voting process, 52 ideas received one or more votes and were structured to create the influence MAP shown below.

MAP for Youth envisage and design your ideal future.
Influence tree from the Characteristics SDDP of the Youth envisage and design their ideal future workshop for TQ1.

According to the participants of this workshop, appear to be the most influential were:

  • Characteristic #84, Lack of accountability
  • Characteristic #31, Τhe incompatibility between work and parliamentary status
  • Characteristic #9, Connections
  • Characteristic #34, The Cyprus problem staying stagnant
  • Characteristic #13, Lack of "Amesodimokratia" because of the centralized polical system

The workshop was facilitated by Yiannis Laouris, Tonia Loizidou, Elia Petridou, Irini Anastassiou and Maria Georgiou. The workshop was attended by 25 Cypriots participants. In sum, the participants of the dialogue reported their satisfaction that their voices have been heard and documented and communicated their expectations for follow-up activities to address the diagnosis of their needs.

The workshop was funded under the Action 5.1 - Youth Democracy Projects of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.


Aggelos Parmatzias
Athina Tempriou
Andreas Andreou
Andreas Andreou
Antigoni Parmaxi
Andri Georgiou
Antri Apostolou
Achilleas Achilleos
Danae Psilla
Demosthenis Demosthenous
Elina Antoniou
Eugenia Koui
Iakovos Menelaou
Iakovoulla Pitta
Constantinos Anastasiou
Maria Georgiou
Maria Photiou
Maria Ioannou
Michalis Kokkinos
Michalis Michael
Olga Constantinou
Panayiota Panayidou
Savvas Ioannou
Xenia Fotiou
Skeui Georgiou

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