Advanced Integrated Technology Solutions & Services Ltd

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Advanced Integrated Technology Solutions & Services Ltd
Location Cyprus

Advanced Integrated Technology Solutions & Services Ltd (ADITESS) is a Cyprus-based Small Medium Enterprise (SME) established in 2011.

ADITESS is partner in UINFC2 - Engaging Users in Preventing and Fighting Cyber Crime and 3CE - Cyprus Cyber Crime Center of Excellence for Training, Research and Education.

ADITESS is a scientific, consulting and research company whose purpose is to conduct theoretical and applied research and to produce studies, in strategic and in tactical level, on issues concerning Security policies, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Transportation and Cargo Security and Border Management and to develop state of the art applied Security Solutions at the above mentioned areas. ADITESS has the ability to provide advisory and consulting services to various Government Organizations and other Public and Private authorities on these same issues. Our staff composed of dedicated and experienced professionals who have outstanding professional and academic experience in the area of Homeland Security, and have been involved in EU Research Programmes as well as national and international projects for several years in the same area. ADITESS members decided to join their complementary skills in order to offer a large portfolio of services and support activities as well as technical expertise in both R&D and commercial activities. Our business philosophy is to adhere to the needs and requirements of our clients, providing high quality customer satisfaction, leading to a loyal and expanding customer following. ADITESS goal is to fully support our Clients to identify their specific needs, plan, implement and deliver project successfully. We intend to work closely with its Client providing a complete range of project delivery services and expert advice throughout the project life cycle.

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