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Welcome to Future Worlds Center Network.

Our Motto: "If you have not published it in FWpedia, is as if you have not done it!"

Total number of Articles: 2,270.
Total number of Pages: 6,481.
Total number of Page Edits: 26,587.
Total number of Registered Users: 184.

What is included in Future Worlds Center Network

The Future Worlds Center wiki uses the Media Wiki software (same system as used by Wikipedia) for at least three main reasons:

  • It is open source: FWC promotes open source, open knowledge, open access, etc.
  • It is based on crowdsourcing: All people related to FWC can add and edit any page thus promoting transparency and educating them to edit Media wikis.
  • It is easy to navigate by using hyperlinks, which connect one term with another page.

This Wiki connects everything related to Future Worlds Center, including the list below, but there might be many kore pages which can be accessed only through hyperlinks:

Help Pages

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.