Cyprus Community Media Centre

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Cyprus Community Media center
Type Organization
Headquarters Buffer Zone, Ledra Palace
Location Nicosia

The Cyprus Community Media Center was founded in 2009 through the initiatives of the following NGOs:

Turkish Cypriot NGOs

  1. Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation, represented by Emine Çolak
  2. The Management Centre, represented by Bulent Kanol
  3. Cyprus EU Association, represented by Ilke Dagli
  4. KAYAD, represented by Isilay Yilmaz
  5. The Biologist Association, represented by Niyazi Turkseven
  6. Green Action Movement, represented by Dogan Sahir
  7. POST RI, represented by Mehves Beyidoglu Onen

Greek Cypriot NGOs

  1. NGO-SC represented by Andros Karayiannis
  2. KISA Doros Michael represented by Anthoula Papadopoulou
  3. Future Worlds Center, represented by Yiannis Laouris
  4. ICFFCY - represented by Bérangère Blondeau
  5. IKME - represented by Orestis Tringides
  6. Peace Centre Cyprus- represented by Sophia Arnaouti
  7. ADD-ADHD- represented by Sue Chrysostomou
  8. Hands Across the Divide, represented by Magda Zenon

CCMC's members represent a broad range of civil society organisations throughout Cyprus. Our members work on health, the environment, human rights, women, youth, reconciliation, education, culture and more. A group of representatives from these members form our management committee, which provides us with strategic direction, advice and support.

A bit of a History

The idea for a bicommunal media center was first proposed by Yiannis Laouris of Future Worlds Center, and Bulent Kanol of the The Management Centre in the context of the joint project Towards a New Media Landscape funded by HasNa Inc.. An unsuccessful application submitted to UNDP/UNOPS in 2005 kindled in 2008 an invitation by the UN (New York) to submit an application for the creation of community media center.

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