Reynaldo Treviño

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Reynaldo Treviño
Reynaldo Treviño
Service type Strategic Planning, Foresight Developer
Field(s) of Study Structured Democratic Dialogue
Notable Achievements World-known facilitator and trainer in structured dialogue

Reynaldo Treviño is a member of the Board of the Institute for 21st Century Agoras and one of the pioneers in the conceptualization, development and practice of the Science of Dialogic Design. He participated in The 2015 International Conference on the Science of Dialogic Design: Symposia for Scientists and Practitioners where he presented one of his projects, a historic application in which the scaling-up of the methodology was tested with hundreds of participants voting using clickers.

Reynaldo is one of 20 Mentors serving for the Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era project funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund.

Reynaldo Trevino graduated in 1964 with a degree in chemical engineering and later earned his Master’s degree in Systems and Planning. He was a Jesuit at the Mexican Province of the Societatis Iesu for eight years where he undertook advanced studies in Philosophy, focusing himself in Metaphysics, Theory of Knowledge and Epistemology.

He worked for 15 years at the Universidad Iberoamericana as a researcher and teacher, and developed educational programs for many different disciplines both at the Chemical Engineering Faculty and at the Center for Universitarian Integration. In 1982, he became Numeral Professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana, campus Mexico City.

Reynaldo is now the Long-Range Planning Director at the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of the Republic of Mexico (INEGI), where he integrated the Strategic Program in 2010 for the following 24 years. He was Director of Economic and Social Policies at the Public Policies Office of the Presidency during the administration from 2000 to 2006.

With the collaboration of Bethania Arango Hisijara, he wrote a first monography Strategic articulation of actions to cope with the huge challenges of our world today: A Platform for Reflection, pertaining to the series edited by the Institute for 21st Century Agoras titled A Social Systems Approach to Global Problems, applying lessons learned through his knowledgeable practice of Structured Democratic Dialogue with many different groups when he was one of the researchers at the Center of Strategic Studies at ITESM University in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, and later in different governmental organizations including the Presidency of Mexico.

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