Active citizens for intercultural dialogue

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Contract Title ACID – Active citizens for intercultural dialogue
Contract Number CP-2008-044 decision n. 2008-4010/001-001
Funding Period 01/09/2009 to 31/10/2009
Total Cost €249,577.50

The project ACID intends to promote the concept of intercultural learning. “Intercultural learning” can be one tool in our efforts to understand the complexity of today’s world, by understanding others and ourselves a bit better. Moreover, it can be one of the keys to open the doors into a new society. “Intercultural learning” may enable us to better face the challenges of current realities. We can understand it as empowerment not just to cope personally with current developments, but to deal with the potential of change, which can have a positive and constructive impact in our societies. Our “intercultural learning capacities” are needed now more than ever. In this context, intercultural learning is a personal growing process with collective implications.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the project proposal are to support citizens' panels in all participating countries which enable the active interaction and discussion among citizens on the importance of intercultural dialogue at European level; To collect the opinion of citizens on a key European challenge for the future such as the intercultural dialogue in a multicultural Europe; To create mechanisms that enable European citizens to develop civic competences, to formulate their views and opinions on the European integration process in the form of recommendations for policy makers at European level; To encourage the dialogue between European citizens and the institutions of the EU, empowering citizens as regards EU policies and their impact, and ensuring appropriate follow up of citizens' opinions by the EU institutions.

Expected Results

The project ACID, though its methodology, will impact the way of communication and expressing values of European citizens participating in the panels. The empowerment of citizens’ self-confidence in having intercultural communication and applying intercultural attitudes, will contribute to the development of skills that can be applied to active citizenship. Active citizens are more attentive and conscious about impacts of regional, national and European polices, and thus can influence their improvements. In terms of long-term effects, we foresee that the project can support local partnerships among Local authorities, schools, youth associations, non-profit organisations and NGOs for the implementation of local strategies and ad hoc projects addressed to the local community, in order to improve their active participation in the definition of local policies to promote intercultural dialogue in their community.

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