Anna Pavlina Charalambous

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Anna Pavlina Charalambous
Anna Pavlina Charalambous
With FWC since September 2013
Title Researcher, Project Coordinator & Trainer
Key Project(s) Cyberethics: Cyprus Safer Internet Center
Degree(s) PhD, MSc, BSc
Filed(s) of study Psychology (major): Research Methods in Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Clinical and Social Psychology, Cognition and Emotion, Cognitive Therapies, Personality, Attention and Attention Training, Education, Democracy, Human Rights
University(ies) University of Kent, UK
Nottingham University, UK
University of Essex, UK
Specialization(s) Project Coordination
Notable Achievements Departmental Scholarship

Anna Pavlina Charalambous has joined the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute in September 2013 and she is member of the New Media Lab.

She is involved in the writing of European projects and has worked as a an assistant project coordinator for the Cyberethics GIV - Cyprus Safer Internet Center. Island-wide services for Safer Internet Awareness, Helpline and Hotline . She has also worked as a trainer for CyberEthics GIV and LOG IN European Projects raising awareness regarding online dangers, gender violence and online security. She has conducted more than 40 workshops, trainings and lectures.


Pavlina (PhD in Sensory and Cognitive Neuroscience, MSc in Psychological Research Methods, BSc in Psychology) is a psychologist who has gained teaching and research experience through her studies in the United Kingdom. After obtaining a Departmental Scholarship she has conducted her PhD research on how personality affects attention to emotional and natural scenes and whether personality can be recognised through the facial structure.