Benjamin Broome

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Benjamin Broome
Benjamin Broome
Title Fulbright Scholar
Visiting Scientist
Key Project(s) Cyprus Conflict Resolution Trainers Group
Degree(s) PhD in Conflict Resolution
University(ies) University of Kansas
George-Mason University
Specialization(s) Conflict Resolution

Benjamin Broome was a senior Fulbright scholar between 1994-1996. He facilitated a group of Cypriot peace builders, which later became known as Cyprus Conflict Resolution Trainers Group. Professor Broome received his doctorate from the University of Kansas in 1980, after which he taught at the American College in Athens, Greece. From 1981-1999, he held a faculty position at George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax. He was the first Fulbright scholar who benefited from a reversal of the program in the 90ties following a strategy developed by Daniel Hadjittofis to strengthen the support for peace building on the island.

Pioneer in Peace Building

The work of Professor Broome with the Cyprus Conflict Resolution Trainers Group has been published in a report[1] and in many scientific publications.

Key Publications

  • Broome, B. J. (2004). Reaching Across the Dividing Line: Building a Collective Vision for Peace in Cyprus, International Journal of Peace Research, 41(2), 191- 209.
  • Broome, B. J. (2003). Responding to the challenges of third-party facilitation: Reflections of a scholar-practitioner in the Cyprus conflict, Journal of Intergroup Relations, 26 (4), 24-43.
  • Broome, B. J., DeTurk, S., Kristjansdottir, E. S., Kanata, T., Ganesan, P. (2002). Giving Voice to Diversity: An Interactive Approach to Conflict Management and Decision-Making in Culturally Diverse Work Environments, Journal of Business and Management, 8(3), 239-264.
  • Broome, B. J. and Murray, J. S. (2002). Improving Third-Party Decisions at Choice Points: A Cyprus Case Study. Negotiation Journal, 18 (1), 75-98.
  • Broome, B. J. (2001). Participatory Planning and Design in a Protracted Conflict Situation: Applications with Citizen Peace-Building Groups in Cyprus. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 19, 313-321.


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