Chris Laouris

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Chris Laouris
Chris Laouris
Years of service 1993 - 2006
Service type Board Member
Research Advisor
Degree(s) Phd
Field(s) of Study Education
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Dr. Chris Laouris was a Founding Member for the establishment of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute and served as Member of the Board between 1991 and 1999, and between 2000-present as member of the International Advisory Board.

Short bio

Chris Laouris is father of Yiannis Laouris. He was trained as elementary school teacher at the Cyprus Teachers Academy. He worked in villages all over Cyprus, including the village of Makarios (with who Laouris remained close friend), Panayeia, and a village in Keryneia, Dikomo. Following a post graduate course in audiovisual technologies he was positioned at the Ministry of Education in charge of the newly established educational radio and television. After graduate studies in the UK and US on government scholarships and completing a Masters in Management and a Phd in Educational Management he was promoted to a school inspector. He published a number of books on school management and other educational issues. Laouris was repetitively honored by communities of villages were he served as teacher, by his home village, by teacher associations and many others for his extraordinary commitment towards children, ethical values and the future generations.

Laouris name is connected with the a number of humanitarian actions and societal initiatives. Following the Turkish invasion Chris served in the welfare supporting refugees; in Paphos he pioneered in the founding of several schools in rural areas.

Launching the Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute

Chris Laouris was n instrumental player in securing the donation of the land for the establishment of the institute.