Christiana Karousiou

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Christiana P. Karousiou has recently been awarded a PhD in Education from the School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED) at the University of Manchester, UK. She received a B.Ed. in Educational Sciences from the University of Cyprus in 2008. She continued her studies at the University of Manchester and she pursued two Master Degrees one in Educational Leadership and School Improvement (M.Ed.) in 2009 and one in Educational Research (MSc.) in 2010. She worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Manchester and was responsible for preparing and delivering high quality teaching and taking a central role in fostering a vibrant student environment by supporting and mentoring the students. She was the keynote speaker in seminars organised by the SEED at the University of Manchester and she presented her work in conferences such as BELMAS International Conference on Education and International Conference on Learning. She is a qualified primary school teacher and she is currently working in schools in Cyprus.

Her research interests include educational policy with a particular emphasis upon teachers’ professional identities, educational leadership, school improvement and research methods.

Selected Papers

• Karousiou, C.P. (2013). Lessons learned from investigating teachers’ professional identities in changing times. Paper presented at the 20th International Conference on Learning, 11-13 July 2013, Rhodes, Greece.
• Karousiou, C.P. (2012). Teachers’ professional identity and practice in an era of educational reform: the case of Cyprus. Paper presented at ICE Conference, 5-7 July 2012, Samos, Greece.
• Karousiou, C.P. (2012). Teachers’ Professional Identity and Practice at a Time of Educational Reform in Cyprus. Paper presented at BELMAS Annual Conference, 20-22 July 2012, Manchester, UK.