Compilation of DE Material

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During a period of four months, the national TAGs under the coordination of the national partner organisations will identify and gather educational material related to DE. Each national TAG will identify any material that its members have used, but also additional material accessible through local and international sources. Each partner will consult relevant national development organisations to identify further existing DE material. Having collected a wide range of DE material, the partner organisations will be responsible to compile the gathered material and, in coordination with the TAG create a local database of assembled DE material. The TAG will meet up to twice per month so as to monitor the mapping process, to review results, as well as to enable discussions and exchanges of experiences among the TAG. Through this activity, the project aspires to grasp the wide variety and quantity of educational material produced, honouring the important work that has been completed by NGOs. Once gathered, material will be reviewed, categorised and filed accordingly so as to grant easy future access.


National databases, presenting the comprehensive compilations of DE material gathered by the national TAG.

Role of partners

Each partner organisation will be responsible to call for meetings of the national TAG, and to head the research/ mapping process. Furthermore, the partners will be responsible to consult Development NGOs so as to identify relevant educational material. The partner organisations will also be responsible for the compilation of all gathered material, in coordination with the TAG.