Contact making seminar (CMS) “Europeans meet in Caucasus”

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Contract Title Contact making seminar (CMS) “Europeans meet in Caucasus”
Contract Number CY-512-02-2006-R5
Funding Period 26/04/2007 to 01/05/2007
Total Cost €15,400.00


The CMS brought together 10 youth organisations from 5 EU countries (Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Poland) and 5 Eastern European and Caucasus countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) with the aim to identify the common needs, concerns and interests of the organisations involved and to establish a framework for the exchange of expertise, ideas, visions and contacts between the partners.


The contact making seminar facilitated the development of more than 25 ideas for joint projects and other follow up activities, mainly in the context of the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission.