Cyberethics at Pedoulas Summer camp 2011

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Presentations at Pedoulas Summer camp
Presentations at Pedoulas Summer camp
Project Cyberethics
Place Pedoulas Summer camp
Date(s) 23/06/2011, 30/06/2011, 07/07/2011
Type of participants Children and adults
Number of participants 100 children (primary school), 4 adults
Link(s) Cyberethics, CyberEthics GIII: Island-wide combined Safer Internet Awareness Node, Hotline, Helpline

In the summer of 2011, three visits were made at Pedoulas Summer camp by the Cyberethics team. There the Cyberethics team has given presentations to 100 children and 4 adults regarding the Safer Internet as a whole, with emphasis on the helpline, its operating hours and how children and parents can ask for help. During the presentation leaflets and other promotional material were distributed (CNTI, PCCPWC).