Cyberethics on CyBC 6 Feb 2012

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Cyberethics on Radio Astra
Cyberethics on Radio Astra
Project Cyberethics
Media Name CyBC
Host (Journalist) Elena Charalambous
Interviewee(s) Yiannis Laouris
Nicos Nicolaou
Magdalene Zafiropoulou
Date(s) 06/02/2012
Total Duration 1 hr

On the occasion of the SID 2012, Mrs. Elena Charalambous of CybC invited Nicos Nicolaou from CYTA, Dr. Yiannis Laouris from Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute and Dr. Magdalene Zafiropoulou, invited speaker for the SID2012 Conference to her program Εμείς και ο κόσμος μας, to talk about the Connecting Generations concept and conference as well as about the SID2012 in general.


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