DIALE Dialogue Workshop for FWC

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DIALE Dialogue Workshop for FWC
DIALE Dialogue Workshop for FWC
Project DIALE project
Place Future Worlds Center's premises
Date(s) 31 Oct 2011
Type of participants Members of Future Worlds Center
Number of participants 12
Total Duration 3 hours
Link(s) http://www.hamk.fi/diale

Mr. Orestis Tringidis has delivered on the 31st of October, 2011 a training for Members of Future Worlds Center on how to use and capitalize on tools developed in the context of the DIALE project[1].

Where to find more information

  • Recorded cases where the methods have been applied, in various contexts


  • Examples of dialogues with explanations, in the form of an e-learning system (please be patient with all the clicking - and you can also mute the background music!)


  • DIALE page on Facebook (or "Μουτσουνοκετάπα", ή "Φατσοβιβλίο" if you prefer)

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Diale-Deep-learning-through-dialogue/100644693352028 . Please "Like" ("Αρέσκω")!



The following individuals participated:

Name Affiliation Expertise
Yiannis Laouris Future Worlds Center
Soteris Demetriou Future Worlds Center Programmer/Analyst
Melis Eroglu Future Worlds Center FWC Researcher
Tatjana Taraszow Future Worlds Center Research Associate
Nicolina Markidou Future Worlds Center Project Coordinator
Efrosini (Frosso) Deligianni Future Worlds Center Intern


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