Dom upokojencev Nova Gorica - DUNG

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Formation 2014
Location Slovenia

The basic activity of Residential Care Home Nova Gorica is providing institutional care services for the elderly. According to the Social Security Act, the institutional care is a public social care service, which is designated for resolving personal distress and problems of the elderly over 65 and other adults that cannot live at home due to their age, illness and other reasons. Institutional care includes all forms of help in the institution, other family, or in any other organized form, where functions of home or family (such as accommodation, organized nutrition, social and health care) are substituted or supplemented for the entitled claimants. By law, all residents of the Republic of Slovenia who have a permanent residence in Slovenia and foreigners who have a residence permit are entitled to services in residential care homes. The admission, transfers and discharges from residential care homes are settled by homes in accordance with residents or their representatives. At admission, the resident and the residential care home accept an agreement where they decide upon the extent, type (suitable category of care) and other specialities of services. The care services are paid by residents alone or with the help of their families or municipalities. The prices are formed in accordance with the regulated methodology and are accepted by competent management of the residential care homes; the prices also need to be approved by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs. The basic services provided by residential care homes in Slovenia are standardised and the activities are monitored and supervised by both ministries competent for social and health care (Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, Ministry of Health), Labour Inspectorate, Health Insurance Institute and Court of Auditors.


Role: Review and Analysis of existing services (Task 1.1); Capture of requirements and workshop participation (Tasks 1.2 and 1.3); Pilot deployment and support in Slovenia (WP3); Contribution to Business Plan from the perspective of end-users (WP4); Partner management and reporting (WP5).