Dr. Arsoy on AdaTv about Cyberethics and cyber crime 24/1/2012

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Dr. Arsoy about Cyberethics and cyber crime
Dr. Arsoy about Cyberethics and cyber crime
Project Cyberethics
Media Name AdaTv
Host (Journalist) Haluk Doğandor
Interviewee(s) Aysu Arsoy
Date(s) 24/01/2012
Audience Mainly TC TV viewers
Total Duration 40 min
Link(s) http://www.adatv.tv/ada/detay.asp?bolumID=2

Future Worlds Center associate Ass. Prof. Dr. Aysu Arsoy has made a TV appearance under the Cyberethics Project in the northern part of Cyprus on AdaTv. The live broadcast took place on the 24th of January 2012 and had a duration of 1 h. Dr. Aysu Arsoy and the TV host Haluk Doğandor have discussed the issues related to ethics on the internet, cyber crime and focused also on the missing legislation in the North of Cyprus.