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The IT Resource person of the project will develop and design an online depository, where all DE material can be deposited and accessed through a database and search-engine. The depository will have four different country sections, as well as one general European section, and will be available in English, Greek, and Lithuanian. Once online, this material will be accessible to teachers in all partner countries, as well as to teachers in other countries, and will thus contribute to the wider dissemination of development education in schools. The ITAG will be responsible to upload material and relevant links and sources to the depository.


  • Online depository with DE material for teachers to access from any European country, and the provisions for Cypriot, Scottish, Irish and Lithuanian country sections.
  • Translation of all modules of the online depository into Greek, Lithuanian and Bulgarian

Role of partners

The creation of the depository will be under the responsibility of the project coordinator. However, all partners will be responsible to regularly update the depository with new material or amendments developed throughout the project.