Five trans-national Action Plan support workshops

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Five trans-national Action Plan support workshops
Five trans-national Action Plan support workshops
Project Act Beyond Borders
Place Talitha Kumi
Date(s) 20th – 21st of December 2010
Total Duration 2 days


The workshops took place on the 20th – 21st of December at Talita Kumi. The aim of the workshops was to cover topics such as Project Planning, Project Development and developing detailed and concrete action plans for the implementation of the action projects. Under the guidance of the lead applicant team members, the action groups divided themselves accordingly to discuss project ideas. The businessmen discussed the problems that prevent business cooperation is due to a lack of trust but also differences between the two business cultures.

In the Non-formal education group, they discussed ways to be successful in creating a peaceful society. They believe that educational programs on both sides can lead to two states for two nations, by strengthening the culture of peace through education. The participants envision writing shared educational programs, discussing environmental issues and the ways to work together towards a better environment. The participants also discussed cooperated projects dealing with social and legal rights to help produce a better economy.

The students divided themselves into two separate groups. One group decided to focus on the proposed ideas from the Cyprus workshops, and the other on media projects. They agreed to contact the newspapers at their respective universities and that all involved participants are to write articles about the project.

Finally the women’s group; they agreed that in order to develop project ideas, it is important to build relationships first. As a result, the women spent the evening familiarizing themselves with one another and later expanding their project ideas.