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George Veletsianos has completed his PhD in Learning Technologies at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, United States. He has a Masters of Arts in Learning Technologies from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, United States and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Macalester College, St. Paul, United States. Dr. George Veletsianos is Canada Research Chair of Innovative Learning and Technology and Professor at Royal Roads University’s School of Education and Technology.

His research interests focus on the design and study of emerging technologies and pedagogies in online and hybrid education settings, and their relationship to student and instructor experiences and practices. Most recently his research interests center on making sense of users experiences and practices in online learning settings. His goal is to understand learner and scholar experiences and practices in emerging learning environments (e.g., social media, open online learning).

Recent publications

• Veletsianos, G. & Russell, G. (2014). Pedagogical Agents. In Spector, M., Merrill, D., Elen, J., & Bishop, MJ (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology, 4th Edition (pp. 759-769). Springer Academic
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• Veletsianos, G., Kimmons, R., & French, K. (2013). Instructor experiences with a social networking site in a higher education setting: Expectations, Frustrations, Appropriation, and Compartmentalization. Educational Technology, Research and Development, 61(2), 255-278.
• Veletsianos, G. & Kimmons, R. (2013). Scholars and Faculty Members Lived Experiences in Online Social Networks. The Internet and Higher Education, 16(1), 43-50.
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