Hayat Hüsseyin Yasamsal

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Hayat Hüsseyin Yasamsal
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With FWC 2002-2004
Title Advisory Board Tech4Peace
Advisory Board Extending EU Citizenship
Advisory Board Journalism for Peace
Key Project(s) Technology for Peace
Extending EU Citizenship
Journalism for Peace
Filed(s) of study Human Rights

Mr. Hayat Hüsseyin Yasamsal is an Associate of the Organization since 2002. He is President of The Olive Branch. He had strong involvement in the Political and Civil Society environment of Cyprus and Europe for the past two decades. He founded and chaired the New Cyprus Party, the Rights and Freedoms Association, the Cyprus Peace Democracy and Human Rights Foundation. He served as coordinator with the International Association of Human Rights protection in Cyprus for the Council of Europe project on Confidence Building Measures in Cyprus entitled: “Actions of the civil society for the promotion of a Human Rights Culture.” Hayat served also as local coordinator for the International Association of Human Rights protection in Cyprus of the Joint Project of the European Academy of Bolzano/Bozen (EURAC) and the German-Cypriot Forum “Civil Society Dialogue on Intercultural Co-operation in Cyprus.” He served as advisor for activities in the northern part of Cyprus in the context of the project Extending EU Citizenship to the Eastern end of Europe, as well as for Technology for Peace and Journalism for Peace.

He is father of Devrim Yasamsal