Heiner Benking

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Heiner Benking
Heiner Benking
With FWC Since 2008
Title SDD Senior International Expert
Filed(s) of study GeoSciences, Geophysics, Journalism
University(ies) Fachhochschule and University, Hamburg
Specialization(s) independent journalist and science writer/curator, Geophysicist

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Heiner Benking is an internationally known independent journalist and science writer/curator. His background is in Geophysics. He is a strong supporter of Future Worlds Center and its Structured Democratic Dialogue applications since 2008. He is the person who nominated Future Worlds Center for the Anna Lindh Award in 2010 for which Future Worlds Center received Honourable Mention for the highly-esteemed work on intercultural dialogue for the promotion of freedom and citizenship (2nd place).

Heiner has been collaborating with Aleco Christakis , Yiannis Laouris and many of the historic figures who have pioneered in the establishment of the Dialogic Design Science and has been actively supporting events. For example, Heiner has attended the 3rd International SDDP Facilitators Training School, which he has promoted publishing articles, such as the Commentary about the 3rd International Training School for SDD. He has also written an article following an interview he has taken from Aleco Christakis during the school [1]. On earlier occasions he has also interviewd Aleco Christakis to revisit the foundational phase of the Club of Rome (1968-1970) [2]

Short Bio

Heiner's professional live can be roughly divided into four decades:

  • In the 70ies: Globetrotting, surveyor, planner;
  • In the 80ies: Marketing, management and organisation consulting; market research, computer-graphics industry, raising children, environmental research and management;
  • In the 90ies: Global Change research and communication, active in summits, UN-G7 Harmonisation, environmental NGO's, Foundations, Councils, think-tanking;
  • On the turn of the cenrury: EXPO 2000, future and technology, youth and media projects, environmental education and policy making, peace organisations, clubs, governance, facilitation, dialog and decision cultures, youth cross-media.

The above rough "epoches" have of course overlaps, but details can be found in his Wikipedia user-page [3] and his Positive Nett-Works PNW member page [4]

Heiner served the International Peace University project in the early 90ies and helped to establish the Club of Budapest as its first editor and international co-ordinator, after having been invited to serve as Creative Member. He worked with Robert Jungk in the early 90ies and established with Bob's collegue Rüdiger Lutz Future Lab in Basel.

Heiner serves in the Board of Positive Nett-Works, and IHTEC, and as secretary of the Council on Global Issues and the Tagore-Einstein-Council, he is in the founding board and in the Elders Wisdom Council of the Youth-Leader magazine [5].

Heiner's work is not only about "sharing" but "gifting" in traditional and modern times and how and why this is central to our very fabrik of society and humanity. He has published about how we encourage and give voice for long [6].

Heiner was nominated by Future Worlds Center for the Anna Lindh Foundation, EuroMed Dialogue Award 2012: Youth for Change, Social Justice and a Shared Development [7], for which he was successfully "short-listed".

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