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The Higher Technical Institute (HTI) was a very early partner of Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute and of CYBER KIDS. Both organizations have hosted dozens of interns working on their various computer and engineering projects. HTI's focus was on practical skills and all students had to spend considerable time with an industrial partner working on a project and thesis. Various CNTI and CYBER KIDS researchers have also taught classes as visiting professors at HTI. Yiannis Laouris taught Artificial Intelligence, Object-oriented languages, Systems Analysis and Design, Operating Systems, Neuroscience for Engineers, etc[1] and supervised more than 20 students[2]. Dinos Georgiades and George Vakanas taught some of the same classes and also supervised 4-5 students each.

HTI and Innovation Fair

Dr. George Christodoulides was the Director of HTI. He later assumed the role of Director of the Institute of Technology and from that post, he co-organized with the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute the Innovation-Technology-Social Progress Fair. The participation of HTI students was considerable.


The Higher Technical Institute was founded in 1968 as a joint educational project between the Republic of Cyprus, UNESCO, UNDP, and ILO. It was established as a bicommunal entity. Its main objective was to prepare well-educated and practically trained technician engineers to meet the needs of the industry. Lessons were taught in English and the studies lasted for 3 years. HTI was active in research and offered consultancy services to the local industry. It was dissolved in 2003.