Human Rights and Peacebuilding

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Human Rights and Peacebuilding
Human Rights and Peacebuilding
Project CSBB
Place Nicosia
Date(s) 19-21 November, 2012
Type of participants CSOs, academics
Number of participants >80
Total Duration 3 days
Link(s) Link(s) to press release(s)


19-21 November 2012


Home for Cooperation, Nicosia, Cyprus

Short Description

An international conference with different stakeholders from Cyprus, Israel and Palestine to reflect on the progress made during the project, discuss the action plans and their implementation, exchange experience and best practices from within the project and beyond. It will involve many of the stakeholders who participated in the project activities, as well as local authorities from Israel and Palestine. During the conference there will speeches by a European Union commissioner, a highly-respected human rights civil society actor from Cyprus as well as speeches by leading CSO leaders from Israel and Palestine. There will be panel discussions with CSOs actors who participated in the ToT and the Civil Society Strengthening Workshops about the current state of civil society and the promotion of human rights and democratic reforms in Israel and Palestine. CSOs will also exhibit their materials and highlight their current and future projects. Local Authorities will be involved in roundtable discussions with CSOs about how to strengthen their relationships and future prospects of working together. CSO actors, local authorities and the general public will share their views and knowledge on issues concerning the role of civil society in the international setting and the significance of its involvement in decision-making and policy formulation of human rights and democratisation in Israel and Palestine.


Future Worlds Center together with the project partners

Under the auspices


Up to this point the expected sponsors include:

  1. European Union (Human Rights and Reconciliation - Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders project)