Ilaria Cardascia

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Ilaria Cardascia
Ilaria Cardascia
With FWC Dec 2006 - Dec 2007
Title Communications Officer for Cyberethics
Key Project(s) Cyberethics: Cyprus Safer Internet Center
Degree(s) Senior Degree in Arts, Music and Performing
Filed(s) of study Psychology
University(ies) University of Bologna, Italy
Notable Achievements to be..

Ms. Ilaria Cardascia was employed primarily as Communications Officer for Cyberethics: Cyprus Safer Internet Center.

Her duties involved:

  • Creating a mailing list of all possible organizations and individuals, who expressed interest to be informed;
  • Sustaining communication with the Insafe Headquarters in Brussels (Association of all Nodes), and
  • Designing national awareness campaigns. Ilaria successfully managed all her tasks.

In addition, Ilaria served as Administrator for the office. She planned, supervised, and monitored the process of announcing new jobs, interviewing and selecting candidates. She also participated in various trainings and especially in IT trainings.

Short Bio

Ilaria received her senior degree (second level) in Arts, Music and Performing, Faculty of Literature and Philosophy in the University of Bologna (Italy).