Inclusion/Exclusion of Refugees in the Cypriot Society

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The Future Worlds Center was one of the five partner organizations involved in the project, including the Cyprus Technological University, the Pedagogical Institute, the University of Cyprus, and the National Centre for Social Research, Greece.

The Project's Objectives were to contribute to the understanding of the new and important implications for the social cohesion procedure of refugee settlement in Cyprus. The aim was to investigate the integration process of refugees in Cyprus, by exploring financial, social, educational and other important aspects of the phenomenon. Through in-depth semi-structured interviews and the wide distribution of questionnaires, the project aimed to identify the important factors which facilitate, positively or negatively, the interaction between refugee population and host society. The project resulted in theoretical and practical/policy recommendations to be used in battling social exclusion.

Financial Contributor/s: Research Promotion Foundation (Cyprus)

Duration: 24 months [01/12/2008 – 30/11/2010]