Katarzyna Danielak

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With FWC March 2016 - Today
Title Intern
Global Education Unit
Degree(s) MA Psychology (pending)
Filed(s) of study Social Psychology
University(ies) University of Szczecin
Specialization(s) Social Psychology

Katarzyna Danielak is currently doing her internship (within the Erasmus+ programme) in the Global Education Unit working on Map Your Meal and Supply Cha!nge projects.

Short Bio

Katarzyna was born in Poland. She has completed a one year drama foundation course (Lart, Cracow, Poland) in 2008. She sometimes works as a performer (animator and stiltwalker). She has already completed two other internships: in a Psychiatric Hospital in Poland and at the Home for Cooperation in Cyprus. Currently Katarzyna is a Social Psychology MA student at the University of Szczecin in Poland. Her main academic interest is third-party forgiveness which is also the subject of her master thesis.