Koullis Ioannou

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Koullis Ioannou
Koullis Ioannou
With FWC 2000-today
Title Art Director
Graphic Designer
Key Project(s) CYBER KIDS
GNOUS Labs Ltd.
Digital Cyprus
Reinvent Democracy
Key Interests Creative Design, Multimedia Development
Degree(s) BS
Filed(s) of study Applied Fine Arts
University(ies) University of Nicosia
Notable Achievements Multiple Awards

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Mr. Koullis Ioannou joined Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute in October 2013. She is the Art Director and Graphics Designer of the Organization. Her responsibilities also include design of all websites and electronic infrastructure of the organisation.


Koullis Ioannou was one of the first students who registered at CYBER KIDS in 1991. His talent was so impressive that in 1994 he redesigned the company's logo and in 1999 he made all the illustrations for its Curriculum manuals. He is an extremely creative mind who comes up with unique ways to promote ideas and products. He collaborated with the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute throughout all the years and continues to the present days to create some of the very best visuals for CNTI and other related organizations.


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