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The first round of LAPs in Lefkara was part of the projet Global Education Goes Local (GEGL). It consisted of different activities :

  • The first event took place in August (12th and 16th) during a festival. The goal was to inform and educate people about recycling and plastic pollution and to address the need of the community for more green spots in the village. The participants also got informed about the project and its goals; while we got engaged in interesting conversations particularly with teachers who were interested in incorporating these themes into their teaching modules.
  • The second event took place on 11th of November. The community of Lefkara shared the basic principles of sustainability and what it means for a community to be sustainable through an orienteering activity, during which participants using a map tried to find some indicated control points in Lefkara. All participants got some re-usable water bottles while they attended a brief info session about the benefits of having a sustainable lifestyle and being responsible consumers.
  • On the 17th of November, an info day about a thematic parc took place. The participants had the opportunity to discover the parc and get informations about the creation of a sustainable thematic parc in the area.


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