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This activity involves a series of three local workshops in each of the partner countries (a total of 6 days). The workshops will bring together the national TAG as well as selected external experts. Four Development NGOs from different European countries, working with DE and schools, will be invited to each workshop series to share their experience with the local teachers. A European expert will be identified for the workshops in Cyprus and Lithuania to support partners and teachers in reassessing DE material. The workshop members will review the DE material collected, discussed and reviewed during the international workshop, and will modify necessary parts of it, so as to adapt it to the needs of the teachers and the national school curricula. The participants will draft suggestions and instructions for teachers on how to use the selected DE material. NGOs and the TAG will work hand in hand, sharing their specific expertise and adding value through their experience and development cooperation/ development of material and teaching in schools respectively. Through these series of workshops, the project aspires to involve teachers, educators of the pedagogical training institutions, Development NGOs, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Education in finding and reassessing those DE activities that can be implemented and accepted in the existing lesson plans of schools. The reassessed and modified DE material will be compiled in the national section of the online depository. In continuation to the workshops, the partners will develop a brief Teachers’ Manual, giving instructions on how to use the online depository, and how to use the DE activities. The manual will contain the suggestions and instructions developed by the TAG and NGOs during the workshops, and will secure the sustainability and continuation of the project, as teachers can explore on their own how and which material to integrate in which lesson, or on how development work functions.


  • A pool of needs-oriented DE activities, reviewed and approved by the ITAG, modified and adapted to the national lessons plans and curricula of the partner countries, compiled in the national section of the online depository;
  • Teachers’ Manuals with instructions on how to use the DE depository and material

Role of partners

Each partner will be responsible to coordinate and organise the workshops on the national level, inviting the TAG as well as selected NGDO representatives from different European countries, selected school-headmasters etc. Moreover, it will be the role of each partner to update the national database as well as to upload the revised material to the national section of the depository, and also update the European database with all modifications made throughout the workshops, so that teachers will benefit from the results and expertise. All project partners will collaborate on drafting the Teachers’ Manual; however each partner will be responsible for the one relevant to its country.