MKO Foundation

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MKO Foundation
Formation 2005
Type Foundation
Location Leidschendam, Netherlands
Leader Remco Pijpers

The MKO Foundation has been partner in IdentifEYE: Children, Data & Emerging Identities. Key people: Remco Pijpers and Solange Jacobsen


The MKO foundation, established in 2005 is an advisory centre concerning youth and (new) mediums aiming to provide more insight in the possibilities of new mediums, providing also for their promotion and justified use. MKO strives to improve the quality of digital mediums for children, parents and teachers helping them to become indicators for the mediums. MKO originates from a cooperation between the Planet Internet (component of KPN) and parents online, the largest community for parents on the Internet. At the beginning of 2004 they brought the first Internet site concerning Internet education online. KPN has used it at all schools in the Netherlands and provided a book guiding teachers on how to accompany their students on the Internet. Meanwhile, they wrote together four books, concerning the sexual experience of teenagers on the Internet. MKO staff comprises non-permanent staff of 15 professionals working on specific projects.

KPN is still the largest sponsor of the activities of the foundation, and along with the standard partners “parents online” and “Digivaardig & Digibewust”, they cooperate with many other parties, among which are knowledge networks and the institute for picture and sound. MKO provides recommendations among others to the European Commission.

The first Internet site was launched in February 2004, as a component of Planet Internet. Meanwhile the Internet site has been renewed thoroughly. Today MKO works independently.


- Empower children to be strong and independent in discovering, deal with new media and making it their own, and to protect children,

- Help parents, schools and professional educators with media education (esp. new media),

- Raise the quality of digital supply for children